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Janrise bags 2 Best Regional TV Commercial Awards at IndIAA, Hyderabad

Organised by the International Advertising Association

What happened this 11th of May, 2018, will go down in Janrise’s history and continue to inspire us to create more memorable advertising in the future. The beautiful Friday evening was arranged by the International Advertising Association at Cyber Conventions, Hitech City in Hyderabad. Excitement was particularly high as this was the first time the awards ceremony was being held at a regional level. Moreover, Hyderabad was the first city to start the IndIAA Chapter.

We began to get seated. The highly anticipated award ceremony commenced with stalwarts of Indian advertising sharing some fine thoughts on the ever-growing industry. The evening unfolded with ad gurus like Sivakumar Surampudi, S.K. Swamy and Sam Balsara sharing some of the most priceless insights about the ad world in the present time.

Sam Balsara’s inspirational speech with 17 bullet points, or should we say, commandments, talked of issues agencies ache to tell their clientele, but end up not crossing that invisible line. Here are some important parts of the gospel, that could become an anthem of all marketing executives today:

The evening, fuelled by Bacardi, showcased some great ads made by Hyderabad’s best agencies. Janrise bagged two awards for its films for KS Bakers (Best Regional TV Commercial in Food and Accessories Category) and Driverzz (Best Regional TV Commercial in Telecom & Technology Category). We are proud to be the only agency to win two awards for two absolutely original films representing two regional brands. One is Hyderabad’s favourite bakery KS Bakers and the other is the app-based driving assistance brand, Driverzz.

Making Continental Coffee a household name

Effectively through BTL Activations

CCL, the world’s second largest exporter of high-quality instant coffee, is currently focusing on gathering traction for local markets in Andhra Pradesh and neighbouring areas. CCL is among the few companies in the world producing all four types of soluble coffee from a single location unit. It has maintained a tradition of blending the most premium quality of coffee products throughout its market leadership in the last two decades. Now, to promote its special category, Continental™ XTRA, a special aromatic blend of 30% chicory and 70% coffee, CCL has adapted a personal-level marketing campaign.

The first challenge for Janrise in bringing this activity to life was to address the highly dense coffee market, with brands like Nescafe and Bru backed up by marketing giants like HUL and Nestle.

With Janrise taking charge of the brand’s customer engagement programme, CCL’s Continental Coffee section saw a multi-level BTL activation in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, from 9th September to 9th October, 2016. What we did was pretty simple, and that’s probably the trick that worked things out for us.  Janrise recognized tasting the coffee as the most crucial goal to support its BTL activities. We identified two important aspects of coffee-making and drinking: first, the act of making a cup of coffee yourself, and, second, the social act of being served a cup of coffee. Keeping this in mind, Janrise divided the activation into two main parts, namely, “Dry” and “Wet” phases.

For the “Dry” phase, Continental™ XTRA saw a door-to-door delivery, wherein the customers were given a jar or sachet of Continental™ XTRA to try the flavour at home. This phase made a touch point of 16,973 homes in a month. Alongside, ran the other phase of our campaign, the “Wet” sampling activation, and things took a merry turn.

For Continental™ XTRA’s “Wet” sampling activation, Janrise designed a twin outdoor activity: first, small Continental Coffee kiosks were set up to serve steaming cups of XTRA at several retails targeting the same Guntur focal point. The retail contacts reached a whopping 31,199 touch-point in a one-month period. Secondly, a van activation was introduced to distribute wet samples of steaming cups of Continental™ XTRA at various public places in and around Guntur. Several places actually saw a rapid customer engagement, as customer’s filled in requests and enquired about Continental™ XTRA’s official availability at local markets. The van activation reached 15,990 contacts.

Janrise is taking the campaign further at Ananthapur, with the city offering fresh perspectives for future campaigns.

We came, we conquered & now we dazzle

Janrise Advertising is 'Agency of the year' at ADEX - 2014 Bagged 22 awards; 8 Gold and 13 Silver trophies

Janrise Advertising basks on the glory of being awarded with, 'The Agency of the year' at a grand annual event of The Adverting Club Hyderabad, on the night of 13th, November, 2015 at Taj Deccan, Banjara Hills.

Janrise Advertising also walked away with a lion's share of the creative awards, bagging 8 Golds and 13 Silvers across 42 Categories.

Because winners don’t wait for chances, they make them.

Are you heard in the noise?

Given the enormity of the number of brands existing and budding,

The fact being strong brands are built and exist on the foundation of a strong ‘positioning’ and ‘differentiation’ without which any brand wouldn’t be heard in the noise!

Does your brand tell a story?

Gone are the ‘brick-and-mortar’ days when businesses existed only in the real world – now businesses and brands are ubiquitous through the ‘World Wide Web’. Your consumers hear, talk, and judge your brand – instantly! Even the strongest of brands these days are so particular about their online reputation.

Building an incredible online reputation or for that matter even to be able to engage consumers with your brand offline it’s imperative to have a strong ‘Brand Story’. An appealing ‘Brand Story’ lets consumers to interact, feel, and eventually develop a personal rapport with your brand!

Did your brand occupy the consumer ‘mind space’ – the way you want it?

A strong ‘Brand Equity’ is a result of the trust consumers have on your brand and the trust that consumers develop is a direct function of how consumers perceive your brand.

Without occupying consumer ‘mind space’ with a unique ‘positioning strategy’ it’s nearly impossible to gain consumers’ trust and enjoy strong brand equity. In addition, occupying the consumer mind space with an effective USP, results in enhanced consumer loyalty which eventually turns your brand into a ‘top-of-the-mind-recall’.

Don’t you desire a robust ‘brand equity’?

Brand equity is the most valuable intangible asset that a business can aspire for. In short, brand equity is the sum total of ‘brand loyalty’, ‘brand awareness’, and ‘perceived value of the brand’. Aggregating robust brand equity is a long-term process, but once garnered the leverage it gives to your brand is ‘invaluable!’

Briefly, the advantages of ‘brand equity’ are:

All the efforts put into developing strong brand equity directly translate into an ‘elevated brand presence’ at a later point of time.

Are you worried about the Goliaths?

The market landscape but naturally is occupied by Goliaths (giants) who might intimidate you and eat into your ‘revenue pie’, their huge revenues and strong brand equity can make even the strongest of entrepreneurs tremble meekly!

Here comes the wisdom – the wisdom to ‘differentiate’ your brand from the goliaths and other competitors. Strong ‘brand positioning’ and ‘brand differentiation’ helps you in facing the giants – however strong they might be!

Won’t you wish a faster acceleration scaling up the ‘brand pyramid’?

The ‘brand pyramid’ is a hypothetical pyramid comprising several levels vertically. Only when a brand satisfies the consecutive levels and climbs up the ‘brand pyramid’ it is seen as a strong brand.

The levels in a brand pyramid range from the very basic ‘presence’ to ‘bonding or owning of the brand by consumers’. It takes an indomitable strategy and meticulous execution to be able to make your brand ‘loveable’ and ‘be owned dearly’ by consumers.

Let us help you cross the ‘brand maze’… seamlessly!

We are the leading advertising & branding agency of the state with many rave reviews in reputed newspapers and creative excellence awards to our credit. Our contented clients who journeyed with us all these years and our client-base across diverse verticals – education, films, realty, health, FMCG etc speak volumes of our creative abilities.

“Creativity is our medium and solid strategy is the fuel which together drive our branding ventures successfully”

Our strength… that strengthens you

Janrise’s strength is its people – a wonderful bunch of zestful designers, art directors, creative directors and copywriters. At the helm of affairs we have brand strategists with over three decades of experience in a range of verticals; our brand strategists have resurrected the reputations of diverse businesses, positioned new brands, and successfully bolstered the brand equities of several others.

“Our strategies are smart, execution is exemplary, and delivery is just impeccable!”

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