The 9 Cs

What powers our performance

Integrated Marketing Communication is our strength. When you approach us as a client we take the responsibility to communicate your brand consistently across diverse media leveraging upon the strengths of each and every mode of communication.

Eventually your brand would have consistent communication throughout without perplexing the consumer; instead, making your brand philosophy clear and making it a ‘top-of-the-mind-recall’.

1. Concise

An effective communication contains as few words as possible, but not very few.

2. Clear

Rather than being filled with acronyms and tall words, an effective communication is one that can be understood by all target audience.

3. Compelling

An effective communication explains the problem your Solution (Product) solves.

4. Credible

An effective communication explains why you as a company are qualified to see that problem and to build a solution

5. Conceptual

An effective communication stays at a fairly high level and does not go into too much unnecessary details.

6. Concrete

As much as is possible, an effective communication is also specific and tangible.

7. Customized

An effective communication addresses the specific interests and concerns of the target audience.

8. Consistent

Every version of an effective communication conveys the same basic message.

9. Conversational

Rather than being to close the deal, the aim of a communication is to just set the hook; to start conversation, or dialogue, with the audience


We mix creativity, communication and innovation
in the right proportion

Tight process right?

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