Our Story

A new streak to creativity

What started as a wild idea between two friends six years ago has now evolved into Hyderabad’s most successful advertising agency. Having come a long way from our humble beginnings, Janrise continues to be client-friendly and committed as ever. We have helped many clients scale dizzying heights with our creative solutions, and in-turn have grown substantially through their unwavering support. As one of the most creatively independent agencies around, Janrise has proven time and again that creativity, with a touch of strategy and planning can go a long way in helping brands achieve unimaginable success.


We strongly believe that creativity is inherent and that it cannot be just acquired. It is working with quirky individuals that are often aloof, nonconformist and opinionated to the point of being annoying is what makes work at Janrise so extraordinary. The world is in dire need of fresh ideas, and it wouldn’t be possible if everyone was normal and thought alike.


Despite being the buzz word these days, let’s face it, nobody ‘constantly innovates’. We however are always trying to find ways to help our clients with solutions that are innovative. We don’t believe in following tried and tested methods, or follow an advertising handbook. Perhaps this is what makes us special and sought after.


Quality is a prerequisite in advertising. Many brilliant ideas never see the light of the day due to the lack of quality in execution and presentation. At Janrise we ensure that we never compromise on quality and nurture ideas by lending them quality support in the best way we can.


We are firm believers in timeliness and stick to the schedule in terms of work delivery to our clients. Quality work not delivered on time is not only de-motivating to the client, but also to the team that tirelessly works on it. We understand the needs and requirements of our clients, and ensure that they always get more than what they expect in terms of quality and efficiency, and most importantly, on time.


When a team comprising of individuals that either belong in the Louvre or in the Arkham Asylum sit together to work, the result can either be disastrous or a resounding success. Fortunately, over time, we have ensured that we get to see more of the latter than the former.


We highly value people with a good sense of humour, because not only are they a rare breed, but they also bring much respite when things get hot in the kitchen. We don’t believe in taking life too seriously, because it’s hard to do that when you’re constantly laughing.


We believed in the freshness of ideas &
perfection in their execution

It’s too early to get goose bumps!

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